Adonis Archontides

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Naaman, 2019, Recycled Polylactic acid, plaster, recycled glass vases, dimensions variable / digital 3D models.

In the myth of Adonis, the anemone flower sprung from his blood after he was mortally wounded by the boar.

Its name, according to some, derives from the Greek word anemos (άνεμος, wind) as the flower is so fragile that a strong gust could blow it away. According to other sources, it takes its name from naʿmān (darling, or the lovely one) an epithet for Tammuz, the Sumerian version of Adonis. The Arabs would call the anemone “wounds of the Naaman”.

Naaman consists of three 3D-printed anemones from various levels of reality and truth (as well as their respective digital models): one is a scan of a real Anemone Coronaria, the second is a scan of an artificial decorative silk and plastic anemone, and the third has been digitally created in a 3D modelling software.

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