Adonis Archontides

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While the agitated beasts enter the garden of fear... (Roblox), 2022, Roblox videogame and film (51’38”)

I was invited by Andys Skordis to create visuals for his new work, While the agitated beasts enter the garden of fear..., a music composition in 7 parts. 

The word fear is translated as Fovos in Greek Language. According to the Greeks, Fovos was the son of Ares (God of War) and he was considered as a deity. People used to worship him before warfare, in order for the upcoming battle to be in their favour. In a similar approach, each part/movement of the piece acts as a ceremonial occurrence towards Fovos, worshiping and embracing each unique state of fear and ultimately conquering it, allowing ourselves to be released from it.

As a response to the music, I created three small interconnected worlds in Roblox, and a video of me playing through the levels to be projected whenever the piece is played live. 

You can access the game here.

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