MITOS Center of Performing Arts
Old Vinegar Factory, Limassol, Cyprus
29 June 2019

With Orestis Agathagelou, Irena Archontidou, Seto Farahian, Marianna Pavlou, George Rallis and Haya Zeinalabidin

In Adonis’s room there’s a chair, a dead plant, a wall, a picture of a cactus, a pillow, some Doritos, Mona Lisa, her eyebrows, Mona Lisa’s painting, her ex boyfriend, a tiny yellow fridge, a tiny human, condoms, red lingerie, a mouthful of nuggets, some ketchup, a glass of zivania, a bad aftertaste, Adonis’ dad Antonis, his cat Foucault, something, lime, a blond hair, an empty space, plant-based chocolate cake, a dirty spoon, a clean spoon, Snoop Dogg, a pink grinder, that thing that straightens hair, three blind nuns, one walking stick, a dungeon, 7 ball gags, no air, 50 shades of grey, an old vinegar factory, a really nice audience, a singularity, a lime lamp, a dog with black spots, a dead pixel, tooth decay, a bitchy dentist, a hopeless Orestis, a fabulous Rallis, a court of law, An argument, a fed up performer, an indecisive Syrian girl, a flying sloth, an anorexic Santa Claus, a broken disco ball, a snake in a boot, Barbara Streisand, God Herself, and a couple that experiments.