Adonis Archontides

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MITOS Center of Performing Arts
Limassol, Cyprus
29 June 2019

A 3-hour durational performance version of The Word Game.

With Orestis Agathagelou, Irena Archontidou, Seto Farahian, Marianna Pavlou, George Rallis and Haya Zeinalabidin. 

Works included: 

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In Adonis’s room there’s a chair, a dead plant, a wall, a picture of a cactus, a pillow, some Doritos, Mona Lisa, her eyebrows, Mona Lisa’s painting, her ex boyfriend, a tiny yellow fridge, a tiny human, condoms, red lingerie, a mouthful of nuggets, some ketchup, a glass of zivania, a bad aftertaste, Adonis’ dad Antonis, his cat Foucault, something, lime, a blond hair, an empty space, plant-based chocolate cake, a dirty spoon, a clean spoon, Snoop Dogg, a pink grinder, that thing that straightens hair, three blind nuns, one walking stick, a dungeon, 7 ball gags, no air, 50 shades of grey, an old vinegar factory, a really nice audience, a singularity, a lime lamp, a dog with black spots, a dead pixel, tooth decay, a bitchy dentist, a hopeless Orestis, a fabulous Rallis, a court of law, an argument, a fed up performer, an indecisive Syrian girl, a flying sloth, an anorexic Santa Claus, a broken disco ball, a snake in a boot, Barbara Streisand, God Herself, and a couple that experiments.