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Milan Machinima Festival MMXXI 
Milan, Italy / Online
March 15-21 2021
Curated by Matteo Bittanti with Gemma Fantacci, Luca Miranda, and Riccardo Retez

With Iono Allen, Adonis Archontides, Nilson Carroll, Nick Crockett, Luca Giacomelli, Gina Hara, Kamilia Kard, Chris Kerich, Felix Klee, Eddie Lohmeyer, Luca Miranda, Cade Mirabitur, Alessandra Porcu, Riccardo Retez, Alessandro Tranchini, Lena Windisch, XUE Youge (薛 又 戈), and HU Yu (胡 煜).

An official event of the Milan Digital Week, the MILAN MACHINIMA FESTIVAL showcases audiovisual non-interactive works produced with video games otherwise known as machinima. The retrospective will take place exclusively online due to the ongoing pandemic. This year, 25 works of machinima and game video created by 18 artists representing 7 countries are presented in 6 sections: three main programs (GRAND THEFT CINEMA, [CODE] CONFINEMENT, and GLITCH ’N SCAPES), five SPECIAL SCREENINGS (THE CLASSICAL ELEMENTS), one GAME VIDEO ESSAY, and one retrospective (IN FOCUS).

The main theme of the MMXXI edition, From Video Games to Video Art, alludes to the variety of artistic manipulations of video games and their evolution into game videos. Filmmakers deconstruct digital environments by subverting and reinterpreting their constitutive codes. From a matrix of cinematic citations embedded in the hyperreality of Grand Theft Auto V to the notion of “limbo” as an existential condition, the selected machinima critically examine the logic, politics, and ideologies of the contemporary moment, triggering epistemological short circuits.

Curated by Matteo Bittanti with Gemma Fantacci, Luca Miranda, and Riccardo Retez, the MILAN MACHINIMA FESTIVAL 2021 is an official event of the Milano Digital Week organized in collaboration with GAMESCENES. Art in the age of video games and the M.A. in Game Design at IULM University. A follow-up to the 2016 exhibition GAME VIDEO/ART. A SURVEY, the MILAN MACHINIMA FESTIVAL brings to Milan idiosyncratic video works that lie at the intersection of video art, cinema, streaming, and digital games.

Works included: 

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