Adonis Archontides

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Edited by Diana Smiljković, Gustav Nielsen, Rachael Tsai and Jack Rusk
Published by Yale School of Architecture, 2023
ISBN 9781638400745

I, Like Many Things is a story of contemporary life and architecture that begins with everyday domestic practices and the notion of “home” as a literal (and literary) space-a space which simultaneously structures and is structured by our relationship to each other and the world. To tell this story, twenty-six authors from far-flung fields and geographies collectively narrate four fluid chapters of a thick history of the present.

– Excerpt from press release

With contributions by Kyriacos Christofides, Meera Badran, Francesco Casetti, Stefano Masserini, Raqs Media Collective, Rachael Marie Scicluna, Michelle Millar Fisher, Lee Scrivner, Kathryn-kay Johnson, Nathalie Frankowski, Cruz Garc­a, Zachariah A. Michielli, Adonis Archontides, Jennifer C. Nash, Simone C Niquille, Simon Str¸yer, Patricia Dom­nguez, Athar Mufreh, Joshua Tan, Lu­sa Sol, Nikolaj Schultz, Ellen Blumenstein, Markus Miessen, Pinar Yoldas, Deirdre Barrett, Oxana Timofeeva, Martina Potlach, Shahla Alharthi, Leidy Karina Gomez Montoya, Andrea Sanchez Moctezuma, Rachel Ghindea, Athiba Balasubramanian, Konstantinos Ballis, Abhishek Ambekar, Katie Colford, William Beck, David Bruce, Dhruv Gulabchande, Edgar Papazian, Andrew Economos Miller, Chase Ireland, Anthony Iovino, Giada Puccinelli, Pete Pham, Sofia Guzman, Nick Massarelli, Sangji Han, Ethan Lethander, Helen Farley, Megan Panzano, Drew Doyle, Alondra Correa, Renata Cesar, Michelle Nguyen, Christina Zhang, Michelle Bunch, Rukshan Vathupola, Matthew Liu, Anishwar Tirupathur, Mari Kroin, Montgomery Balding, Jessica Jie Zhou , Miguel Astete, Hoby Horak, Benjamin Tan, Tarranum Akhter, Jonathan Bolch, Andr© Caetano, Katie Lau, Elias Vera Carrion, Nathan Garcia, Morgan Anna Kerber, Yanara Formandoy, Rhea Schmid, Olivia Epstein, Abby Sandler, Shreya Suman, Robbin Juris, Viet Nguyen, Katharine Blackman, Rachel Skof, Christina Anastase, Kaitlin Baker, Deirdre Plaus, Tyler Krebs, Aaron Payne, Lisann Mahnke, Sofia Alfaro Pailacura, Araceli Lopez.

Editors Diana Smiljković, Gustav Nielsen, Rachal Tsai and Jack Rusk
Designers Nick Masserelli and Luiza Dale
Cover illustration artist Adonis Archontides

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