Adonis Archontides

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Unnamed atrium in my dreams
30 July 2022

I had a dream I had a solo show in the atrium of some corporate-looking building. The space incredibly white; all the walls were white and it was bathed in a very bright light; the whiteness was only broken by some concrete here and there, and the metal or glass railings. The room continued upwards, seemingly forever. There were plants and fog higher up.

You would climb up these stairs attached to the walls, leading to really tight walkways where my work was. You would go all the way around and up, ending up on a platform that looked like it was almost floating.
The works themselves were really big, pixel-art-looking paintings or photos (I couldn’t really tell, they were probably shifting all the time). They were either really flat against the wall, or printed on wallpaper. They depicted frozen waterfalls and flowers. One was installed almost like a diptych, and the third piece was on the final floor/walkway.

Works included: 

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