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CryptoKitties, 2021, Series of 3D models

A series of sculptures made from 3D scanning the cats at my family home. I was experimenting with early mobile photogrammetry apps, and thought it would be funny to make digital domestic sculptures.

Some of these when put together, make up Ela Mips.

During the 2021 NFT boom, I put up a few of these on the Hic et Nunc marketplace on the Tezos network, which led to their being named after the online game which sparked the whole genre. Some are still available if you’re into that. 

Shown in: 

Related tags: 3d scanning, sculpture, digital

Grey on the dresser

Kattoulini on Mom’s bed

Kattoulini on the armchair outside

Nana flat on the flowery blanket

Nana flat on my bed

Yumi in the kitchen

Yumi on the chair in Mom’s room

Zorro on the LA-Z Boy

Omorfoulla and Manolito hissing

Kattoulini under the amphitheatre chair

Foucault next to Untitled, Installation view from Either I forget right away, or I never forget