Adonis Archontides

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Xarkis Festival 
Lofou, Cyprus
8 - 10 July 2016

Following and expanding on last year’s workshop, Common Collections was an experiment aiming at the creation of an archive of the festival-goer’s experience at Xarkis Festival 2016.

The participants were provided with a sketchbook, a pencil and a disposable camera with which they created their personal (or common) cartographies of the three festival days — a form of resistance against “the politics of forgetting”.

What experiences, objects and words are worth remembering and why do the rest deserve to be lost? The final collection of moments should paint an intimate view of Xarkis, collecting what is sometimes unnoticed and overlooked but essentially makes up the soul and spirit of the festival.

After the festival, an exhibition was co-curated by all participants, showcasing the different workshops held. The exhibition was hosted at Point Centre for Contemporary Art, and ran from the 14th until the 28th October 2016. For Common Collections, one photo from each participant’s roll of film was selected. These photos were placed in selected spots around the gallery, creating an experiential path through the show as well as the participants’ memories.

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