Adonis Archontides

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Bowl, 2019, Augmented Reality, printable marker and digital sculpture extracted from The Sims 4, dimensions variable

Emotional Sculptures is a series of 64 digital forms sourced from the video game The Sims 4, a simulation game that functions as a microcosm of a capitalist society. The sculptures were made by the artist’s in-game avatar, Adonis (Sim), where depending on his virtual emotional state he would produce one of ten variations out of a “Lump of Clay”.

As part of the residency during which they were produced, an exercise was performed where Adonis (Sim) kept making sculptures until he made all of them — an allusion to the growing need for new works transforming an artist from an emotional being to a machine of artistic overproduction.

The conclusion of this exercise, and in order to exhibit them in the physical world without altering their (non-)materiality, was to present them in Augmented Reality, further highlighting the idea that our world could be a host of multiple layers, and thus, a simulation itself.

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