Adonis Archontides

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Bath II, 2019, 2019, Ceramic clay, concrete, liner, water, pump, hose, spray paint and acrylic markers, Dimensions variable.

Adonis Archontides presents his new site-specific work Bath II, the second in a series of installations that constitute the artist’s research into worshipping customs in ancient Greece and Cyprus related to the god Adonis, and specifically the misconceptions and reinterpretations of his meaning throughout the years. 

Adonis is portrayed nowadays as a god of youth and beauty. However, many sources present him as a vegetation deity, eternally trapped in a sterile state between life and death. 

Bath II functions as a space for quiet contemplation or romantic encounter, surrounded by fragments of Sappho’s lyrical poetry spray-painted on the walls by young boys from the island.

The water eventually dried out and the pool was covered with dead leaves.

– From I woke with a marble head in my hands exhibition guide, K-Gold Temporary Gallery, 2019

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