Adonis Archontides

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Tsushima Haikus, 2021, Machinima, digital video and manipulated audio recorded in Ghost of Tsushima, 1’

Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 video game by Sucker Punch Productions, an action-adventure game telling a fictional story during the real first Mongol Invasion of Japan, set on an adapted version of the island of Tsushima. A haiku generator is fed key words about nature, life and simulations, and spits out a poem which is then sung by Google Translate back into Japanese. The english lines are rendered in Electroharmonix, a typeface made by Typodermic Fonts meant to mimic English letters as katakana script. Life goes on.

Filmed and edited by Adonis Archontides
Music by Androula Kafa

With the support of The One Minutes Foundation.

Shown in: 
  • The One Minutes, The Fields of Algorithms, Amsterdam, Netherlands / online, 2021

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