The Phenomenal Present, Selection of digital video and audio, length variable, 2012 - ongoing.

The images flooding the multiple screens of The Phenomenal Present comprise largely banal moments selectively captured by the artist and then composed by the media player algorithm into random sequences. The result could be seen as a reflection on how our subconscious selects or makes sense of the events we remember. A moment is experienced as a minuscule point in time that cannot be precisely defined; yet when threaded together, the simplest gestures are instantaneously reconstructed into a poem, transforming the viewer into an omniscient overseer of increasingly familiar memories. Evoked too is the element of chance in the encounters that coalesce to constitute a life, the accretion of circumstances that congregate like magnets to form a totality. All of this alludes to identity as ultimately performative, and to the precedence of the image in the definition of individual and collective histories.