The Phenomenal Present, Selection of digital video and audio, length variable, 2012 - ongoing.

The Phenomenal Present is an assemblage of videos showing various disjointed moments that the artist has witnessed. These clips have the capacity to forge narratives of memory which the viewer intuitively constructs, facilitating the possibilities of the moving image as a medium.

Each moment is experienced as a miniscule point in time that cannot be precisely defined. Nevertheless, when strung together, like a thread, the simplest gestures are instantaneously reconstructed into a poem, transforming the viewer into an omniscient overseer of increasingly familiar memories.

The places, people and things that constitute the moments within The Phenomenal Present are not fleeting and are not subjective to a singular person’s being. They embody a life of their own, encouraging the viewer to contemplate the dust accumulated around these moments, transforming fragments of ourselves into warm embraces of our (now) conscious and collective past, present and future.

Text by Chloe Stavrou