Sulsul! Plerg Majah Bliff? (Hello! Can I do something else please?), Performance documentation, digital video and audio recorded in The Sims 4, 31’38’’, 2018.

"The viewer finds himself in a space, in the middle of a virtual battle in which playing or drowning is indistinguishable, and everyone is engaged in the killing of the artist .... [Archontides'] video ... does not portray a hero in the classic sense, but rather a digital version of Adonis struggling helplessly and aimlessly through a space in which silent passive-aggressive violence becomes the only form of interaction."

– Excerpt from Eria Dapola's essay, When our reflections/avatars die, do they go to heaven?

Sulsul! Plerg Majah Bliff? (Hello! Can I do something else please?) is part of a series of works pursuing Archontides’ interest in exploring video games as a mode of dual performance documentation between him and his avatar created in the popular simulation video game, The Sims 4. Both Archontides and Adonis (Sim) work together and are reliant on each other despite the artist’s agency over the result of their collaboration. In this work, Adonis (Sim) appears in a small pool aimlessly swimming towards fatal exhaustion as the audience passively observes this sadism. Nevertheless, Adonis (Sim) unknowingly exists in a video game, performing an action that is determined by Archontides and while impossible in the mortal realm, possible within the coded algorithm of the game. As a consequence, Adonis (Sim) has infinite lives to spare and so during the final moments of this work, as well as others in the series, we are confronted with his ‘resurrection’ - a nod to the infinite condition of the simulation.

- Text by Chloe Stavrou