Heads,  Polylactic acid vases, plaster, wheat, soil, Dimensions variable, 2019-ongoing.

Heads (2019-ongoing) is a series of 3D-printed vases; replicas of the artist’s head.

A continuation of the artist’s research into his namesake, Adonis, the ancient Greek vegetation deity whose worshippers planted wheat in small pots. Wheat held a very important role in the life of the Ancient Greeks; it fed them and was involved in almost every part of their religious existence. It symbolised the human condition, a middle point between the bestial and the divine, between incense that is burned and lettuce which contains very little nutrients, between passion and marriage, between life and death, between reckless abandon and duty.

Being born of myrrh and dying in a patch of lettuce, Adonis bypasses the cereals and tragically manages to bring together polar opposites. His celebration acts as a reminder for self-awareness and the sacrifices we must make when we desire that which is out of reach; our eternal struggle.

Heads are sculptures that repeat themselves forever. An experiment in the loss of information through time, it employs concepts found most commonly in image-related data compression. Each version is a 3D scan of the previous one, with some information lost through the compression algorithms.

Combined with the history of wheat, the work attempts to tell a story about humankind.