Adonis Archontides

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Heads, 2019-ongoing, Polylactic acid vases, plaster, wheat, soil, Dimensions variable.

According to one interpretation, for the worshippers of the ancient Greek deity Adonis, wheat symbolised the human condition: a middle point between the bestial and the divine, between incense burned to the air and lettuce which grows in earth, between passion and marriage, between life and death, between abandon and duty.

Being born of myrrh and dying in a patch of lettuce, Adonis bypasses cereals and tragically manages to bring together polar opposites. His celebration by planting wheat in small pots acted as a reminder for self-awareness and the sacrifices we must make when desiring what is out of reach.

Heads is an ongoing series of 3D-printed vases; replicas of the artist’s head, and an experiment on information lost over time. It employs concepts found in image-related data compression. Each version is a 3D scan of the previous one, with some information lost through the compression algorithms.

Combined with the history of wheat, the work attempts to tell a story about humankind.

Shown in: 
  • MAKERsHOUSE Residency Programme, ΥΠΟΜΟΝΗ, Larnaca, Cyprus, 2019

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