The exhibition is built through a three-day interactive workshop, with the participation of young Cypriot artists from MO.17. How can we redefine the gallery as a space of fluid relationships and participatory, horizontal creation?

Curated by Emily Gray and Leontios Toumpouris

Participating artists: Adonis Archontides, Lara Sophie Benjamin, George Themistocleous, Maria Kofterou, Demetra Kallitsi, Eirene Constantinou, Victoria Leonidou, Anthi Pafiou, Alexandra Pambouka, Korallia Stergides, AnnaMaria Charalambous, Michael Charalambous, Ioanna Cheimona.

Photos by Adonis Archontides, Kiriakos Spirou, and Giannis Zouris.